What do we offer?

Impacters Global Events Services

At Impacters Global Events we are honoured to fully-manage and conduct your conference with global standards by our group of highly-educated professionals. Various services provided by Impacters Global Events are listed as below.

    • An established a committee to perform all executive & administrative affairs of the conference & providing the necessary staff
    • Providing program presenter (MC) (multilingual)
    • Beyerdynamic Pioneer A&V System
    • Beyerdynamic Simultaneous Interpretation System
    • Videographers with Sony Z-Series Filming
    • Special VIP self-service lunch with national & international cuisines
    • Designing & publishing delegate cards
    • Professional photographers
    • Designing & publishing photo-walls, luxury banners & pop-ups
    • Lighting, special effects, follow light & operators
    • Special light boxes to dominate the stage
    • Professional Dynocard Sound System for smooth voice experience
    • Kenwood Radio Walkie Talkies
    • Uniformly dressed welcome staff on board
    • Top simultaneous interpreters in different languages for the foreign audience
    • Floral decoration on stage & around the hall
    • Sending invitation letters & conference cards
    • Designing & constructing special conference plaques for the closing ceremony
    • Arranging & organizing photo sessions against the well-designed photo wall
    • Developing conference schedule & agenda
    • Acquiring conference permits from governmental bodies
    • Producing special memorable video clip from around the conference (high lights) to show at the closing ceremony
    • Organizing exhibition stands
    • Inviting groups of traditional music or pop proportional to the conference if needed
    • Providing halls according to the number of participants with special discounts
    • Providing the necessary information, print, broadcast advertising and internet
    • Identifying foreign professors in various fields, carrying out all necessary negotiations, communications, and contracts with them to come & teach
    • Inviting foreign ambassadors & representatives of international organizations
    • Wireless security coordination
    • Providing press coverage of the conference
    • Chartering plane
    • Providing commuter service from the airport for foreign guests as well as air tickets, visa & hotel booking in 3, 4, 5 star hotels (with a 20% discount for IGE )
    • Full editing and providing the conference footage – multimedia
    • Providing and booking venues
    • Providing trophies and certificate designs
    • Designing conference brochure

Translation Equipment

The Biggest Audio- Visual & Interpretation systems Provider for Conferences in Middle East

  • The Ability of Simultaneous Interpretation for up to 12 Channels
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • All Systems are Made in Germany are the Best Sound Quality Winners of Europe in 2013
  • Installed in United Nations’ Centers and Parliaments of 80 Countries
  • Over 1500 Interpretation System Headsets